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Researcher’s Guide to: Physical Sciences Informatics System

ISS Physical Sciences Informatics System book cover

August 2018 Edition

By Dr. Francis Chiaramonte, Program Scientist for Physical Sciences
Ms. Cynthia Frost, PSI Project Manager
Ms. Cheryl Payne, PSI Data Architect
Ms. Preethi Manoharan, Senior Solicitation Support Specialist
Ms. Teresa Miller, PSI Technical Manager
Dr. Harri Vanhala, Lead Solicitation Support Scientist

NASA’s Physical Sciences Research Program conducts both fundamental and applied research and supports the vision of the Space Life and Physical Sciences Research and Applications (SLPSRA) Division.

SLPSRA’s goal is to mature technologies to enable space exploration and pioneer scientific discovery. These efforts are organized into six disciplines: biophysics, combustion science, complex fluids, fluid physics, fundamental physics, and materials science.

The Physical Sciences Informatics (PSI) system ( is a tool developed by NASA to serve as a data repository for experiments performed on the International Space Station and other platforms. The PSI system enables more scientists to conduct research using data from the rich heritage of reduced-gravity flight investigations conducted through the NASA Physical Sciences Research Program.

This Researcher’s Guide describes the PSI System, the Open Science Research method, PSI research areas and how to use the system. PSI funding opportunities are also discussed.

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