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Researcher’s Guide to: GeneLab

ISS GeneLab book cover

June 2017 Edition

By Olga Stotzky
Peter B. Tran
Sigrid Reinsch, PhD
Sylvain Costes, PhD
Dan Berrios, MD, MPH, PhD
Sandy Dueck


NASA initiated GeneLab—a multiyear, multiphase project—on the premise that mining of omics data from spaceflight experiments offers an immense opportunity to understand
the effects of spaceflight on biological systems. That progress can best be accomplished by ensuring access to these data to as many researchers as possible.

GeneLab captures vast amounts of data from spaceflight and ground samples and implements open (unrestricted) access. By “democratizing” access, GeneLab aims to increase the return on investment for biological research conducted in microgravity onboard the ISS and to thereby maximize the scientific impact of each experiment. The discoveries enabled by the GeneLab project may one day lead to cures for diseases on Earth and help space explorers withstand the rigors of long-duration spaceflight.

This Guide provides background on Open Access Science and Inquiry. It explains how Genelab works as well as how to use the system, including how to submit data. Related funding opportunities are also discussed.

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