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A Researcher’s Guide to: Human Research

A Researcher's Guide to: Human Research

September 2020 Edition

By Suzanne G. McCollum
Michael B. Stenger, Ph.D.
Cherie M. Oubre, Ph.D.
Robert A. Pietrzyk
Nichole R. Schwanbeck

Within the NASA Human Research Program (HRP), the Research Operations and Integration element (ROI) provides flight implementation services to HRP-sponsored research, most of which involves human research subjects, allowing investigators to address the human risks of spaceflight enabling the safe exploration of space. For non-HRP-sponsored studies, ROI supports the overall coordination of the flight studies into efficient science complements for each crew member and the scheduling coordination of pre- and post-flight data collection sessions.

The ISS is a truly unique research platform. The possibilities of what can be discovered by conducting research on the ISS are endless and have the potential to contribute to the greater good of life on Earth and inspire generations of researchers to come.

This Researcher’s Guide provides an overview of sample areas of human research, an overview of the requirements for human research and a summary of research support capabilities. An overview of the pathway to flight investigations and potential funding opportunities are outlined as well.

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