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Jon P. Haas

NESC Principal Engineer

Mr. Haas currently serves as a Principal Engineer in the NASA Engineering and Safety Center and is stationed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico.  Mr. Haas previously served as Associate Principal Engineer since 2014 where he led interdisciplinary and interagency teams solving challenging problems.

Prior to his work with NASA, Mr. Haas gained experience in modeling atmospheric chemistry, experimental optics, nuclear and particle physics, and the design of trigger electronics for energetic particle detectors.

After joining the White Sands Test Facility in 1996 as a standard material test engineer, Mr. Haas served in various engineering, supervisory, and management positions making contributions in the fields of oxygen hazards assessment, hypergolic fluids and materials compatibility, composite overwrapped pressure vessels, and hypervelocity impact testing. Mr. Haas has led teams performing hazardous test operations investigating the failure mechanisms of inflatable habitat structures, solid rocket motors, and chemical oxygen generators.

Mr. Haas has published more than 20 journal articles in material science, combustion physics, instrumentation, and nuclear structure and is the recipient of NASA’s Exceptional Achievement and Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medals, and the Silver Snoopy Award. Mr. Haas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from The University of Arizona.