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Desireemoi Bridges

Executive Assistant of the Science Directorate, Ames Research Center

Professional Background

Desireemoi Bridges is the Executive Administrative Assistant to the front office for the Science Directorate at NASA Ames Research Center. She brings over 15 years of administrative experience to the table with expertise in student programs, event planning, project coordination, travel and customer service. Desireemoi started at Ames in 2008 working with the small payloads engineering group. Shortly after she began working with the NASA Ames Academy for Space Exploration, the Space Life Sciences Training Program (SLSTP), and the Multidisciplinary Aeronautics Research Team Initiative (MARTI). While working student programs she also supported GeneLab and NARI NASA Aeronautics Research Institute. Soon thereafter Desireemoi went to work at the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) and then to support the Space Biology branch before landing in the front office of Code S.