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Shon Grabbe and Kapil Sheth discuss the traffic situation in the continental U.S.
Drones in flight over Reno, Nevada, during shakedown tests for NASA's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management project

Inventions and Contributions Board

The ICB, run by the Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy (OTPS), encourages innovation by offering incentives to NASA researchers and inventors. Authorized to approve substantial monetary awards, the Board reviews technical contributions to the government and nation. These contributions are the result of investments into the future of aerospace research. They are needed to help us explore the universe and to improve the quality of our life here on Earth.

About the ICB about Inventions and Contributions Board

ICB Chair

AC Charania

ICB DIrector

Kenneth Wright

ICB Legal Counsel

Trenton Roche


David Voracek

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