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Contracts and Acquisition Integrity Law



In its functional leadership role, the Contracts and Acquisition Integrity Law Practice Group supports policy-level interactions with other elements of Government; provides specialized guidance and advice to the Offices of the General Counsel at NASA Field Centers regarding contract award, administration and litigation matters; and develops and coordinates NASA legal policy in these areas. 

As a functional office to the NASA Administrator, the Contracts and Acquisition Integrity Law Practice Group provides legal advice regarding Headquarters-level contract selection, administration and termination decisions; drafts or comments on proposed legislation, regulations and executive orders; represents NASA in interagency meetings or bodies such as the Defense Acquisition Regulation (DAR) Council; and answers correspondence for the Administrator concerning contractual matters. 

The Contracts and Acquisition Integrity Law Practice Group provides central services to organizations within NASA, principally legal advice and counsel to the NASA Office of Procurement and other Headquarters Offices regarding the statutes, regulations and policies governing Federal Government contracting. Central services provided by the Practice Group also include representing the agency in bid protests and contract-related litigation before the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Court of Federal Claims (COFC), and the United States District Courts; disputes before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA); and, ultimately, any appeals of these decisions to the United States Courts of Appeals, including the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.


Associate General Counsel:
Scott Barber 

Deputy Associate General Counsel:
Tory Kauffman 

Tel: 202-358-4455

Director, Acquisition Integrity Program:
Monica Aquino-Thieman 

Paralegal Specialist:
Rhonda Moss

Attorney Staff:
Michael Anderson
Young Cho
Allison Genco
Jennifer Howard
Victoria Kauffman
Stephen O’Neal
Vincent Salgado
Jessica Sitron
Adam Supple
Robert Vogt

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