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Statement from NASA’s Janet Petro on Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Request

NASA Kennedy Space Center Director Janet Petro.
NASA/Cory Huston

“The rollout of the President’s 2025 budget offers the opportunity to highlight some of the exciting happenings that are helping launch humanity’s future at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Every dollar spent on the agency goes toward U.S. prosperity and improving life on Earth. In the state of Florida, more than 27,000 jobs can be attributed to work performed here.

“Kennedy is proud to support the administration’s goals and priorities for NASA, including the Artemis campaign, an American presence in low Earth orbit, and the development of new space technologies. Through Artemis, NASA is returning to the Moon with its sights set on Mars. At Kennedy, we are updating the ground systems and processing the hardware to take us there. The Artemis II launch in 2025 will be the first crewed mission on NASA’s path to establish a long-term presence on the lunar surface.

“Kennedy also continues launching the science missions that study Earth and our solar system, as well as sending crews and cargo to the International Space Station.  Research on the orbiting laboratory ranges from DNA studies to 3D printing, helping us solve problems here on Earth while serving as a proving ground for capabilities we will need during long-duration human space exploration.

“Other innovative work at Kennedy in physics, dust mitigation, and space gardening will lead to the technologies humans will need to live and work in space – including the ability to maintain a commercial supply chain in deep space.

“Along the way, NASA is helping grow the domestic market. Kennedy has led the way in developing relationships that are so instrumental to our nation’s future in space.

Through more than 90 commercial partners and nearly 250 partnership agreements, our spaceport provides continuous access to space using the same creativity and innovation that have become the hallmark of our agency. Additionally, NASA programs at Kennedy create expanded opportunities for new and current launch providers and payload processors.

“We do all of this thanks to our diverse and talented workforce. Our employees are second to none, and they are the reason that Kennedy has ranked among the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government for five years in a row. I hope you will join me in celebrating these accomplishments and looking forward to another exciting year of exploration, innovation, and inspiration at the world’s preeminent spaceport.”

Read NASA Administrator Bill Nelson’s statement on the FY2025 budget request here

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