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Mobile App Lets You Explore the Diverse Ecosystem of Research and Technology on the International Space Station

Have you ever wondered about the many hundreds of experiments that are being conducted on the International Space Station at any given time? The Space Station Research Xplorer (SSRX) mobile application provides current information on space station experiments, facilities and research results through video, summary descriptions, photos, video, interactive media, and further reference links.

The Experiments section provides access to the six main experiment categories and their subcategories. Experiments are depicted as dots within the category system and the stems connecting the dots to the system depict the length of time the experiment spent on orbit. Users can drill down to see specific experiments within the categories and subcategories or search for a specific experiment or subject using the search option. Experiment descriptions consist of links, images, and publications if available. The Experiments section can be further narrowed by selecting a specific expedition and sponsor by using the dials at the top right of the screen.

image of subcategories of experiments onboard the space station

The Facilities section provides a brief description of the various research facilities browsable by particular research category. The summaries also contain information on which increments the particular facility was or is being used, the sponsoring agency, and sponsoring organization, facility manager, imagery, results publications, and media links .. if available.

The Benefits section provides information on how space station research is benefitting life on earth and space exploration with regard to earth observation and disaster response, microbiology, advancing human health, innovative technologies, human research, fundamental physics, commercialization via growing a low-earth orbit economy, and global education, Selecting a section offers more in-depth understanding of types of benefits associated. The ISS Benefits for Humanity 2022 publications are availed for viewing and downloading. There are also bonus relevant videos and audio podcasts accessible.

The Results section provides bibliometric analyses, a list of all the publications documented in a given fiscal year, and synopses of the most recent and recognized scientific findings from investigations conducted onboard the space station. These investigations are sponsored by NASA and all international partners .for the advancement of science, technology, and education. Insights gained from these new peer-reviewed publications promote the commercialization of space and benefit humankind.

The LabTour section provides an interior view of three of the station modules; Columbus, Kibo, and Destiny. Once the module is selected, the interior image can be navigated by dragging up and down to see different sides of the module and left and right to view any racks not shown on the screen. Tapping a rack gives a brief description of the rack and an experiment description if available.

The Media section provides access to the host of space station research and technology through a variety of appealing imagery, video, fact sheet, and social media platforms.

Finally, the Links section provides a selection of space station research and technology opportunities, mobile apps, web landing pages, podcasts, social media, relevant videos, media and educational resources, and more.

The Space Station Research Xplorer (SSRX) app is updated each month and available for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms:

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