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International Space Station Technology Demonstration Research Opportunities


Self-Funded Opportunities

The International Space Station provides the safest, and most efficient capability to test, improve, and qualify advancements in space flight hardware.  If your United States company would like to use the ISS to demonstrate your exploration related systems or subsystems then the ISS is available to you.  This is particularly true of self funded investigations.  You may maintain full rights to your intellectual property and also obtain valuable run time in a relevant environment.  This may help your company generate or maintain leadership in the specific technical area being explored.  And, as with all ISS investigations, NASA handles the cost of launch, standard integration, crew time, power, data, thermal and if necessary, hardware return.  There is no other method to fly in space that is as cost effective to American entities as the International Space Station.

For NASA-funded Technology Development and Demonstrations, remote sensing investigations, or STEM activities, please contact: Jennifer Scott Williams, Manager, Applications Client Support, 281-483-8100; Jason Mintz, Acting Manager, 281-244-1686.

Current Opportunities

Funding Available for Technology Development Research Leveraging International Space Station (Closing date: May 7, 2024)

NASA Research Announcement: Research Opportunities for International Space Station Utilization, Solicitation: NNJ13ZBG001N (Closing date: December 31, 2024)

ISS Research (Client Service) Helpline

The International Space Station Research Integration Office has both a phone and an email client service helpline that payload developers and others interested in doing research on the orbiting laboratory can contact to get assistance. The phone is staffed during regular business hours. After hours, please leave a message and a representative will return the call on the next business day. Or send us an email with your contact info, affiliation, detailed question(s), and how you are planning to use the info.

Phone: 281-244-6187



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