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A Researcher’s Guide to: Fundamental Physics

A Researcher’s Guide to: Fundamental Physics

April 2015 Edition

By Inseob Hahn
Nan Yu
Ulf Israelsson
John Goree

Studies in fundamental physics address space, time, energy, and the building blocks of matter. The International Space Station provides a unique laboratory for fundamental physics experiments with regimes and precision not achievable on the ground.

The 2011 Decadal Survey on Life and Physical Sciences Research at NASA identified four areas of focus for fundamental physics researchers to address: 1) complex fluids and soft matter, 2) precision measurements of fundamental forces and symmetries of nature, 3) the physics and applications of quantum gases, and 4) investigations of matter near a critical phase transition. Researchers have made progress in all four areas, with the primary focus on areas 1 and 3.

This researcher’s guide provides information on the history of fundamental physics research, lessons learned from previous research and recommendations for future research. It also provides information on what researchers should know about conducting research on the International Space Station.

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