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A Researcher’s Guide to: Cellular Biology

A Researcher's Guide to: Cellular Biology

March 2015 Edition

By Richard Mains, Sharon Reynolds, Mains Associates, Berkeley, Calif.
Tacey Baker, Wyle Integrated Science & Engineering, NASA’s Johnson Space Center
Kevin Sato, Lockheed Martin/NASA’s Ames Research Center

The International Space Station offers a valuable platform and environment for cell biology investigations, novel discoveries and innovation in a microgravity environment. Areas of opportunity include tissue culture studies, tissue engineering research using 3-D tissue models, biopharmaceutical production, host microbe interactions, host-toxicology interactions, and host-drug sensitivity and resistance.

Cell-based studies in microgravity support many areas of basic and applied research for space exploration and Earth applications. Various modeled microgravity methods can be used to define and refine flight experiments, increasing the probability for a successful experiment in space.

This Researcher’s Guide describes facilities for cellular biology experiments and how to choose among them. It also includes lessons learned from past experiments, an overview of how to develop and fly research on the ISS, and introductory information on funding opportunities and points of contact.

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