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Quesst is NASA's mission to demonstrate how the X-59 can fly supersonic without generating loud sonic booms and then survey what people hear when it flies overhead. Reaction to the quieter sonic "thumps" will be shared with regulators who will then consider writing new sound-based rules to lift the ban on faster-than-sound flight over land.

Active Mission

You can stay up to date on this page with the Quesst mission and learn all about its various components, including the science behind the sonic "thumps," the details of the X-59 aircraft, and the remarkable stories of the Quesst teammates who are working to make commercial supersonic air travel possible for everyone.

Mission Type

Supersonic Research


Lockheed Martin




Through 2027

Quesst Mission Videos

Learn more about the Quesst mission, as well as earlier research NASA has done on faster-than-sound flight. Plus, watch the remarkable set of videos called “The Quiet Crew,” an ongoing series of spotlight videos about the individuals who are part of the Quesst team.

Watch this two-minute video to experience a visual overview of NASA’s Quesst mission featuring the X-59 experimental aircraft.