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Kennedy Speakers Bureau

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Speakers Bureau comprises engineers, scientists, managers and other professionals who represent the center and agency at civic, professional, educational and other public events. Each member of the speakers bureau is exceptionally qualified to discuss general and specific aspects of the activities, programs and related technology pertaining to Kennedy’s space flight programs.

To request a speaker, the speakers bureau must receive a request, preferably the online Speakers Request Form below. Please submit your request six to eight weeks in advance of the event. Since the speakers bureau is a volunteer program, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be filled. While we are unable to maintain a list of speakers who would be available on any given date, every effort is made to provide an appropriate speaker for each request. We also reserve the right to evaluate the incoming request to determine whether the event meets our criteria.

When available, speakers are provided at no cost. They may not accept outside compensation or honorariums. Travel costs for speaking engagements requiring out-of-town travel and/or overnight accommodations, however, usually are borne by the requesting organization.

Speech Content List
Speeches and presentations given by the highly qualified members of the Speakers Bureau cover a broad range of topics, from Kennedy wildlife to hardware processing. The following list contains presentations that are currently available:

Future of NASA/Kennedy Space Center
History of Space Program
Commercial Crew
Ground Systems Development
NASA Careers
Solar System
Space Shuttle
Expendable Launch Vehicles
International Space Station
Spinoffs and Technology
Biological Research at Kennedy
Women of NASA
STEM-Related topics for children like Robotics, Rocketry, Space Food, Space Suits, Newton’s Laws

How to request a speaker from Kennedy Space Center
Submit a Speakers Request Form
E-mail: Christine Peterson
Phone: 202-297-6441
Write to:
NASA Kennedy Space Center Speakers Bureau
Communication and Public Engagement Directorate, PX
Mailcode: PX-O
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899

If your event will take place outside of Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands, please contact the speakers bureau coordinator for your state or region. There is a separate process to request a NASA astronaut for an event. Learn how to request an astronaut for your event.

Please read the Speakers Bureau Terms and Conditions before submitting your request.