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Find Your Place in Space Week – Iowa Events

iss061e067892 (Dec. 6, 2019) --- The city of Moline, Illinois is surrounded by the Mississippi and Rock Rivers. The Mississippi River is the boundary between the states of Illinois and Iowa.

Students Grades 5-8

Ames Middle School Space Club

April 9, 2024 | 8:40 a.m.

Celebrates Find Your Place in Space at AMS

Learn More about Ames Middle School Space Club
NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, capped by the Orion spacecraft, sits on the mobile launcher at Launch Complex 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida prior to the Artemis I mission. Artemis I, which launched in November of 2022, was the first integrated test of the agency’s deep space exploration systems: SLS, the Orion spacecraft, and supporting ground systems. It was also the first in a series of increasingly complex missions to the Moon.
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