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The Skylab 2 mission patch

Emblem – First (1st) Manned Skylab (SL) Mission

S72-52630 (February 1972) --- This is the emblem for the first manned Skylab mission. It will be a mission of up to 28 days. Skylab is an experimental space station consisting of a 100-ton laboratory complex in which medical, scientific and technological experiments will be performed in Earth orbit. The prime crew of this mission will be astronaut Charles Conrad Jr., commander; scientist-astronaut Joseph P. Kerwin, science pilot; and astronaut Paul J. Weits, pilot. The patch, designed by artist Kelly Freas, shows the Skylab silhouetted against the Earth's globe, which in turn is eclipsing the sun--showing the brilliant signet-ring pattern of the instant before the total eclipse. Photo credit: NASA