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International Space Station Technology Demonstration Podcasts and Videos



Houston We Have a Podcast: From Space to You – April 1, 2022

Houston We Have a Podcast: Advanced Oxygen GeneratorFebruary 11, 2022


Tech on Deck Video Series

Just like other NASA organizations, private entities, educational institutions, and government partners have used the International Space Station to conduct science and learn in a space environment, NASA’s Exploration & In-space Services division (NExIS) has been sending payloads and providing tools to the orbiting lab for years to test and develop servicing technologies that will be incorporated into future missions. As we look to exploring our solar system and beyond, and establishing a sustained human presence in space beyond low-Earth orbit, many of these technologies will play a key role.

In celebration of 20 continuous years of human habitation and research in space in November 2020, the Division launched a series, “Tech on Deck,” that showcases these projects, focusing on exterior research payloads including robotic and astronaut tools. The series consists of five-minute, scripted segments, featuring short clips with relevant guests. Each episode focuses on a different NExIS technology demonstration mission on the orbiting laboratory, with the first providing a high-level introduction:

Episode 1: ISS/NExIS Overview — Brian Roberts, NExIS Deputy Division Director (March 3)

Episode 2: Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) 1 & 2 — Jill McGuire, Director, NASA’s Exploration & In-space Services projects division

Episode 3: Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) 3 — Anne McClain, Astronaut (March 17)

Episode 4: Raven — Ross Henry, Raven Project Manager (March 24)

Episode 5: Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) Repair — Drew Morgan, Astronaut (March 31)

Episode 6:  Robotic External Leak Locator (RELL) & Robotic Tool Stowage (RiTS) — Mark Neuman, RiTS Hardware Manager (April 7)

Episode 7: Looking to the Future — Trudy Kortes, Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) (April 14)