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Media Resources for Artemis I: Path to the Pad Milestones

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Path to the Pad Articles

Release and Retract Test Marks Artemis I Mission Milestone
› Orion Stage Adapter Readied for Ride on Artemis I
› Core Stage Removed from Stennis B-2 Test Stand
Pegasus Barge Leaving Stennis
Barging In: Artemis I Core Stage Arrives at Kennedy
Artemis I Core Stage Transported to Its New Home
NASA Prepares to Stack Moon Rocket’s Core Stage
› Artemis I Orion Moves for Fueling, Next Step in Launch Preparations


Kennedy Testing for Artemis I
› Playlist of 360 Video
 Crawler Prep for Artemis I
 Underway Recovery Test-9
 Artemis I Orion Lift and Mate to Space Launch System in Vehicle Assembly Building
 Artemis I Orion Transfer from the Launch Abort System Facility (LASF) to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)
› Artemis I Orion Stage Adapter (OSA) Stacking
› Artemis I Umbilical Release and Retract Test
› Artemis I OSA CubeSats
› Orion Launch Abort System (LAS) Integration
Launch and Mission Countdown Simulations
› Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter (LVSA) Integration
Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) Integration
› SLS Core Stage Lift/Mate
SLS Core Stage Arrival at Kennedy
› Drone Video of Core Stage Arrival
› SLS Booster Stacking
Orion Move to Multi-Payload Processing Facility (MPPF)
› Orion Handover to EGS
› Then and Now: Apollo to Artemis


SLS Animation
Orion Animation


Core Stage 101
Artemis I RS-25 Engines
Meet the Rocket
Vehicle Assembly Building
Exploration Ground Systems Concept of Operations
Core Stage Journey to KSC on the Pegasus Barge
Path to the Pad: NASA Moon Rocket Comes Together for Artemis

Fact Sheets

Exploration Ground Systems Fact Sheet
Crawler-Transporter Fact Sheet
Vehicle Assembly Building
Mobile Launcher Fact Sheet
Space Launch System Fact Sheet
Core Stage Fact Sheet
Pegasus Barge Fact Sheet
Orion Fact Sheet