Lennie Waugh

Journal Contributor Lennie Waugh writes:

I was born in 1954 in Edinburgh, Scotland and am married to Jacquie. We have a son Matthew.

I first became interested in Apollo in Dec 68, during the Christmas time Apollo 8 mission. From then on, I watched as much as the BBC transmitted. In 1998, when my employer British Telecom gave us access to the Internet, I found the Journals and have been given access to a incredible amount of information which I thought was going to remain a memory and not something I was going to spend most of my spare time on...when I win the on going battle for computer access in my house. We also like to spend time cycling when the weather is good enough.

Editors Note: The photo below shows Lennie Waugh (second from the left), with David Harland (left), Ian Roberts (second right), and David Woods (right) at Glasgow Base (aka the Woods residence) on 11 May 2002. Harland, Waugh, Roberts, Woods