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Prototype Immersive Technologies Lab

The Prototype Immersive Technologies (PIT) Lab provides a space for concept operations development, evaluation and testing. It is used to develop and test exploration technologies such as the Digital Lunar Exploration Sites (DLES) Unreal Simulation Tool (DUST), Lunar Assessment with VR Assets (LAVA), motion capture tracking systems and mixed reality technologies. 

The PIT utilizes Unity, Unreal and DOUG Engine technology for real-time visualization and has multiplayer capability. The applications produced are hardware agnostic and can be adapted to any Mixed Reality hardware. The 3D models utilized in these applications are developed by the IGOAL team and optimized from CAD models. The lunar terrain is validated and includes 20 cm per pixel synthetic terrain with added craters and rocks for areas of interest and an additional 5 meter per pixel for the complete 87 South lunar cap derived from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) data. The DUST and LAVA applications can be easily integrated to the NASA Trick Simulation framework. The graphics developed at this facility are deployed in the Systems Engineering Simulator.

An image of a VR lab
PIT Lab used to run multiplayer LAVA scene for lunar navigation evaluations.

Download DUST v1.9

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