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Systems Engineering Simulator

The Systems Engineering Simulator (SES) is a simulation facility that houses multiple simulation systems including a real-time, crew-in-the-loop engineering simulator for the International Space Station (ISS), Orion, lunar surface mobility, lunar landing systems and other advanced concepts. It provides the ability to test changes to existing space vehicles and flight software, test the interaction of a new vehicle system with existing systems, develop models of new vehicles (that may or may not yet exist) for engineering analysis, and evaluate displays and controls concepts and modifications. All of these functions are performed in a controlled yet flexible development environment, and models and capabilities developed for one customer can be used by other customers. In addition to engineering analysis work, the SES supports crew training for ISS robotic operations, including the tracking, capture and berthing of visiting resupply vehicles (HTV, Dragon, Cygnus, etc.).

Simulation Facilities

  • Alpha Dome
  • Beta Dome
  • Mini Dome – Motion Table Simulator
  • Video Wall
  • Virtual Reality Area
  • Simulation and Exploration Analysis Lab (SEAL)
  • Concept Exploration Lab (CEL)