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NASA Quantum Sensing Workshop

Flyer for the NASA Quantum Sensing Workshop

September 27-29, 2022
Newport News Marriott at City Center
740 Town Center, Newport News, Virginia 23606

NASA is conducting an independent technical assessment of the agency’s capabilities in Quantum Sensing (QS) to understand NASA’s internal needs and competencies related to QS and compare agency capabilities with those available externally including industry, academia, and other government agencies. The outcome of the assessment will help the agency in establishing appropriate strategies and investments to develop and maintain the state-of-the-art sensing competence and capabilities required to meet the agency’s future needs.

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Download the Agenda (Updated September 26)

Workshop Objectives

This workshop will involve presentations from leading scientists and stakeholders within the broader Quantum Sensing community and breakout sessions to discuss future directions in Quantum Sensing as relevant to NASA. Questions we hope to address are:

  1. What types of Quantum Sensing are being actively pursued within NASA at the present?
  2. What activities are being pursued outside of NASA and what is missing from the NASA portfolio?
  3. How can Quantum Sensing development efforts from OGAs, academia, and private industry advance NASA objectives?
  4. What are the Quantum Sensing needs for future NASA missions?

Workshop Co Chairs:

Dr. John Kitching
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Prof. Prem Kumar
Northwestern University

NESC Lead:
Dr. Upendra N. Singh

NASA Technical Fellow for Sensors & Instrumentation

Task Lead:
Dr. Nan Yu

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Technical Program Co Chairs:

Dr. Makan Mohageg
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. John Lekki
NASA Glenn Research Center