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Johnson Celebrates LGBTQI+ Pride Month: Eva Granger

Eva Granger firmly believes that anyone can launch a career at NASA. As the events and milestones lead for the Orion Program’s strategic communications team, she dedicates her time to engaging with the public and educating them not only about the Orion spacecraft but also about the various opportunities to contribute to the agency’s mission.

“I have met so many people who don’t think aerospace is possible for them, but it’s easy to clear up that assumption. There are artists, nurses, psychologists, administrative assistants, and more working at NASA,” she said. “There are opportunities for everyone to build a life and career here, and telling someone that, and seeing something spark, is always rewarding.”

Professional portrait of a young woman wearing silver-rimmed glasses, a cream collared blouse, and an eggplant-colored vest.
Eva Granger, events and milestones lead for the Orion Program’s strategic communications team.
Image courtesy of Eva Granger

When Granger started working as a full-time contractor in October 2023 at Johnson Space Center in Houston, she was already familiar with her role. An internship in 2022 gave her experience with the program’s event planning and coordination, as well as an exciting opportunity to support and staff the Artemis I launch at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

“During those few days, I met individuals who flew from all over the world to watch the launch. The commitment and excitement that I felt from the global audience was tangible, and impressed on me the importance and impact of the work we do,” she said. “It’s one thing to know the world is watching, but it’s a whole different experience to meet them and be told they’re rooting for your program.”

Three diverse youth pose with an Asian American man in business attire in front of the Orion spacecraft crew module.
Eva Granger (far left) stands with fellow Orion Program interns and Orion Program Manager Howard Hu in front of the Artemis III crew module in the Neil Armstrong Operations & Checkout Building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Image courtesy of Eva Granger

Granger is an active member of Johnson’s Out & Allied Employee Resource Group (ERG) and is currently working to organize the group’s participation in the Houston Pride Parade. “We want to have fun with the parade, but it also gives us an avenue to put together an event that is visible and that anyone at Johnson can attend and be excited about together,” she said.

She believes that continually being present and engaged is the best way to support and champion an equitable and inclusive environment. “The ERG has been amazing in giving us a structured opportunity to make a difference,” she said. “If we show up at the JSC Chili Cookoff or at intern events, people know that we’re here. It shows our closeted friends that there is a support network here at Johnson, and it allows the greater Johnson community to learn about our group and engage with us.”

A diverse group of eight individuals wearing rainbow pride sashes pose for a photo in front of a golden star backdrop at a youth prom event.
Eva Granger (front row, left) with Out & Allied ERG volunteers at the Montrose Center’s Hatch Prom for LGBTQI+ youth.
Image courtesy of Eva Granger

The ERG also provides valuable professional development resources and networking opportunities. “As a young professional, it is crucial to have mentors, and Out & Allied is full of people who are excited to spend their time building up our members and our community,” Granger said.

She encourages colleagues to connect with others outside their usual social and professional circles as a way to support diversity and inclusion. “There are hundreds of people on campus and all of them have something interesting to share if you stop and say hi,” she said. “Little interactions go a long way.”