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General Tour Program FAQs:


Tour Programs FAQs

  1. How much does a tour cost?
    Glenn’s tours are free of charge and open to the public. Tour attendees are responsible for any travel costs. No refunds for travel will be provided if a tour is cancelled.
  2. Will the 2023 tour season be held in-person or virtually?
    NASA Glenn will host an in-person tour season this year. In-person tours will be held on the following dates: April 29, May 20, Aug. 12 (rescheduled), Sept. 23, Oct. 7, and Nov. 4.
    Two virtual tours will be offered this year. Dates are yet to be determined. Check Glenn’s Tour Page for updates. 
  3. What time zone are the tours scheduled?
    All tours are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time. (EDT) 
  4. What language will be spoken during the tours?
    Tours are conducted in English.
  5. What age group are the tours geared toward?
    To ensure comprehension of the topics covered, the tours are recommended for 5th grade and above, or 10 years of age and older. Also, our tour bus does not accommodate strollers or safety seats for young children.
  6. I need special accommodations. What should I do?
    If you have been selected for a tour, you will receive a confirmation email. Because not all the areas toured in our facilities are easily accessible, we will ask if you require any special accommodations in this email. Please respond with all accommodation requests. We will make every effort to accommodate participants.
  7. Why are tours only open to U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents?
    Foreign nationals are only permitted at the center to conduct official business. Our public tours are not considered official business.
  8. How popular are NASA Glenn’s Tours?
    NASA Glenn’s public tour program is extremely popular, and the tours fill up quickly. To be as fair as possible, guests are randomly selected and assigned to tours based on their preferences whenever possible.
  9. Can I attend multiple tours?
    Guests are able to submit registration requests for multiple tours; however, priority is given to those who have not yet participated.
  10. Are tours ever canceled or re-scheduled?
    While we make every effort to adhere to the published tour schedule, dates are subject to change based upon mission requirements. We will contact affected registrants directly should a tour need to be re-scheduled.
  11. Can I visit NASA Glenn without going on a tour?
    No. Community members who are interested in visiting NASA’s Glenn Research Center are encouraged to register for a public tour. Public tours are intended to give the general public access to the center to learn about the research conducted at Glenn and see their tax dollars at work. If you are unable to attend a public tour, consider taking a virtual tour of some of our facilities.

In Person Tour FAQs:

  1. What is the registration process?
    After registering for your preferred tour, you will receive an automatic receipt of the submission; however, the automatic reply does not guarantee selection. If you are selected for the tour, you will receive a separate confirmation email with additional event details.
  2. When are the 2023 in-person tours scheduled?
    In-person tours will be held on the following dates and times:
    • April 29 (Registration open Mar. 20-27, 2023)
      8 a.m. | 9 a.m. | 10 a.m. | 11 a.m.
    • May 20 (Registration open Mar. 20-27, 2023)
      8 a.m. | 9 a.m. | 10 a.m. | 11 a.m.
    • Aug. 12 (rescheduled)
    • Sept. 23 (Registration open Aug. 23-30, 2023)
      8 a.m. | 9 a.m. | 10 a.m. | 11 a.m.
    • Oct. 7 (Registration open Sept. 7-14, 2023)
      8 a.m. | 9 a.m. | 10 a.m. | 11 a.m.
    • Nov. 4. (Registration open Oct. 4-11, 2023)
      8 a.m. | 9 a.m. | 10 a.m. | 11 a.m.
  3. How long is an in-person tour?
    In-person tours are scheduled for 45 minutes.
  4. How do I register?
    To register for a tour, click the registration link listed for the specific facility and provide the information requested. This includes the full legal name of the individual, full legal name of all group members if registering as a family or group, name of the group/organization if applicable, number of people attending, and email address.
    • The system will automatically send an email to those who registered thanking them for their interest in touring the selected facility. 
    • After the registration period closes, our system will randomly select participants and our team will assign tour sessions. Every effort is made to assign selected individuals, families, and/or groups to one of the session preferences identified on their registration form. 
    • A confirmation or declination email will be sent to all registrants two weeks before the tour date.
    • A reminder email will be sent those to those selected two days before the tour date.
  5. How many people can I sign up for a tour?
    Up to five people can register together as part of a family or small group. This includes the person registering and up to four others.
  6. If a confirmed participant can no longer attend, can someone else take their place?
    No. If a registered participant can no longer attend, they forfeit their place on the tour. Entry Control Lists are finalized in advance of the tour and guests will need to check in at the main gate upon arrival with a valid government-issued photo ID.
  7. I’m running late, can I still participate on the tour?
    We strictly adhere to the tour schedule and each tour will depart on the hour. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early to ensure you do not miss your scheduled tour time. If you miss your assigned bus, we cannot guarantee you will be able to participate during another tour session.
  8. What should I bring?
    All visitors 18 years of age and older are required to bring a valid government-issued photo ID.
  9. Is there a dress code?
    Dress for the weather as the tour will proceed rain or shine. Guests are discouraged from wearing clothing that is inappropriate or offensive. Please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes without heels.
  10. Can I take pictures during the tour?
    Yes. Photography during the tour is permitted.
  11. Do I need to sign a media release?
    A media release is included on the registration form. Please read the release and either confirm or deny your consent to be photographed. If a participant denies consent for their photograph to be taken, they may still participate; however, an identifier will be placed on their visitor badge so official photographers can easily identify those who do not want their photo taken.
  12. Where can I smoke?
    Glenn’s tours are run on a tight schedule and there are no built-in smoking breaks. We ask that participants who choose to smoke do so before the tour begins or after it ends in a designated smoking area.
  13. Are restrooms available?
    Restrooms are available at the Main Gate where guest check in. If you have an emergent need during the tour, please advise a tour guide who will assist you in finding a restroom in the featured facility.