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Advanced Air Mobility Mission Documents



Aviation Global Demand Forecast Model Development and ISAAC Studies: UAS – VTOL Cargo Study

Aviation Global Demand Forecast: Model Development and ISAAC Studies – Task 3.7: Concept of Operations for ODM VTOL Aircraft Package Delivery

Silicon Valley as an Early Adopter for On-Demand Civil VTOL Operations

Initial Design Guidelines for Onboard Automation of Flight Path Management

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Vertiport Automation Trade Study

High-Density Automated Vertiport Concept of Operations

Vertiport Automation Software Architecture and Requirements

UAM Vision Concept of Operations (ConOps) UAM Maturity Level (UML) 4

An Initial Concept for Intermediate-State, Passenger-Carrying Urban Air Mobility Operations

Reliable, Secure, and Scalable Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance (CNS) Options for Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Urban Air Mobility Operational Concept (OpsCon) Passenger-Carrying Operations

An Experimental Approach to a Rapid Propulsion and Aeronautics Concepts Testbed

Urban Air Mobility Network and Vehicle Type—Modeling and Assessment

A Proposed Approach to Studying Urban Air Mobility Missions Including an Initial Exploration of Mission Requirements

High-Speed Mobility through On-Demand Aviation

UAM Market Studies

In 2018, NASA hired two companies to study market viability for a set of different use cases in an urban air mobility setting.

Booz Allen Hamilton UAM Market Study (Executive)

Booz Allen Hamilton UAM Market Study (Technical)

Booz Allen Hamilton UAM Market Study (Final Report)

Crown Consulting UAM Market Study (Executive)

Crown Consulting UAM Market Study (Technical)


Regional Air Mobility: Leveraging Our National Investments to Energize the American Travel Experience

Demand Forecast Model Development and Scenarios Generation For Urban Air Mobility Concepts

Hazards Analysis and Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA) of Four Concept Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Advanced Aerial Mobility: A National Blueprint (2020)

eVTOL Passenger Experience Final Report


Impact of Autonomous Ground Vehicles on UAM Operations

UAM Grand Challenge Virtual Meeting Slides from Aug. 27, 2019

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Grand Challenge Industry Day Slides

Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign

Advanced Air Mobility Mission



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