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Living and Working on the Moon

Lunar Lander_EVA Steps

Where to explore?

What to wear?

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Spacesuit for NASA’s Artemis III Moon Surface Mission Debuts

When NASA sends the first astronauts to explore near the lunar South Pole, moonwalkers will wear spacesuits provided by Axiom…

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What to do there?

How to get around?

Pressurized Rover

The pressurized rover will greatly expand our ability to explore, conduct science research, and live and work on the lunar surface by providing a home for astronauts away from the base camp for extended periods of time.

An artist's concept of a pressurized rover on the surface of the Moon.
An artist’s concept of a pressurized rover on the surface of the Moon.

Lunar Terrain Vehicle

As astronauts explore the South Pole region of the Moon during Artemis missions, they will be able to go farther and conduct more science than ever before thanks to a new Lunar Terrain Vehicle.

An artist's concept design of NASA's Lunar Terrain Vehicle.
An artist’s concept design of NASA’s Lunar Terrain Vehicle.

Where to live?

Habitation Systems

Habitation systems will ensure the health and performance of astronauts in controlled environments in lunar orbit and on the lunar surface. The Gateway space station will house astronauts in orbit and NASA is studying surface habitation systems for later Artemis missions.

The tech we’ll need.