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NASA’s National Historic Landmarks

NASA’s Cultural Resource Management (CRM)

US map showing the NASA Centers National historic landmarks at each NASA centers.

A National Historic Landmark (NHL) is a district, site, building, structure, or object, in public or private ownership, officially recognized to have exceptional value or quality to the national heritage of American history, archeology, architecture, engineering and culture. NHLs are designated by the Secretary of the Interior, and the NHL Program is overseen by the National Park Service. Learn more about the NHL Program.

NASA’s NHL Programmatic Agreement

In 1989, NASA entered into a Programmatic Agreement (PA) with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers (NCSHPO) about the management of the agencies National Historic Landmarks. It is NASA’s only agency PA, as all subsequent PA’s address Center-specific historic resources.
Click here to view NASA’s NHL PA (1989)

National Historic Landmark Theme Study

NASA’s NHLs are based on the 1984 National Park Service study, Man in Space NHL Theme Study, which identified nationally significant NASA and USAF assets associated with the Apollo Program.

Further Reading on NASA National Historic Landmarks

In 2007, NASA began a series on the NHLs in the NASA History Office News and Notes, a quarterly newsletter. The articles focus on the NHLs as physical assets focusing on their construction and operational contribution to the NACA and NASA. The articles can be found under the table of contents heading “Historic Preservation,” in the May 07, Feb 08, May 08, Aug 08, as well as 2nd, 3rd and 4th Quarterly publications from 2010. In the table below, you will find a list of all News & Notes issues with relevant National Historic Landmark content.

August 2005 Overview of the National Historic Preservation Act
May 2007 NHL Series: Test Stand A-1 (SSC)
November 2007 NHL Series: Space Environmental Simulation Lab (JSC)
February 2008 NHL Series: Propulsion and Structural Test Facility (MSFC)
May 2008 NHL Series: Eight-Foot Speed Tunnel (LaRC)
August 2008 NHL Series: Pioneer Deep Space Station (JPL)
December 2008 NHL Series: Spacecraft Propulsion Research Facility (GRC)
2nd Qtr. 2009 CRM Updates: NASA Received ACHP Preserve America Award
4th Qtr. 2009 CRM Announcement: Space Shuttle Program Undertaking
2nd Qtr. 2010 NHL Series: Full Scale Tunnel (LaRC)
3rd Qtr. 2010 NHL Series: Twenty-Five Foot Space Simulator (JPL)
4th Qtr. 2010 NHL Series: Variable Density Tunnel (LaRC)
1st Qtr. 2011 NHL Series: Lunar Landing Research Facility (LaRC)