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Noah Agata
North Carolina State University
Novel, Nature-Inspired, 3D-printed Zeolite Topologies for Selective Carbon Capture

Kristen Ahner
University of Colorado, Boulder
Robust Spacecraft Guidance Incorporating High-Fidelity Uncertainty Propagation and Chance Constraints

Chris Albert
California Institute of Technology
Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Space-Based Infrared Astronomy

Ian Anderson
University of Texas at Austin
Millimeter-Wave Compact and Low-Loss Acoustic X-Ka Band Filters Using Piezoelectric Thin Films

Nikhil Behari
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4D Adaptive Sensing: Optimizing Sensor Deployment for Dynamic Scene Reconstruction Under Resource Constraints

Adrian Birge
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Strain-balanced Superlattices for Radiation-hard Solar Cells in Extreme Conditions

Kaylin Borders
Cornell University
PREHEAT: Propellant Regenerative Energy for High-power Electric Adiabatic Thrusters

Jefferson Bourdeau
Georgia Institute of Technology
Leveraging Van der Waals Forces to Produce BNNT Fibers

Kaeshav Chandrasekar
University of Michigan
Self-Guiding Laser and Particle Beam for Lunar Power Transfer

Wesley Combs
William Marsh Rice University
Determining Extraterrestrial Regolith In Situ Resource Utilization Feasibility Via Rheological Characterization and Additive Manufacturing Suitability

Samuel Coogle
Ohio State University
RESCUE: REal-time, Wearable System for traCking mUscle gEometry

Marta Cortinovis
Stanford University
Design of Broadcast Navigation Message for Lunar Navigation System Satellites

Joshua Crawford
Columbia University
Tunable Product Selectivity on Nano-engineered Protonic-Ceramic Electrocatalysts for In-Situ Resource Utilization

Ruth Davis
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Additive Manufacturing at the Nanoscale for Microfluidic Space Applications

William Doyle
University of Texas at Austin
Epitaxial Integration of Vacuum Cavities for Chip-Scale Cold Atom Sensors

Jeffrey Durrant
Stanford University
Advancing Further the State of the Art of Fluid-Structure Interaction for Supersonic Parachute Inflation Dynamics

Daniel Ellis
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hydrogen Plasma-Enhanced Reduction for ISRU of Oxygen Natives (HYPERION)

Lucas Erich
University of California, Santa Barbara
Exploration of Powder Synthesis and Additive Manufacturing of Refractory Metal Alloys for Space Nuclear Propulsion

Matthew Foong
University of California, Irvine
Oxidation Protection of Refractory Metals via Refractory Bond Coat Alloy Design and Thermally Grown Complex Oxides

Taylor Hampson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Development of Transient Modeling Capabilities for Liquid Core Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Engines

James Hansen
Stanford University
Fundamental Analysis and Modeling of Spray-detonation Dynamics with Application to Rotating Detonation Engines

John Hayes
Texas A&M University
Development and Validation of a Ground-based Spacecraft Docking Simulator with Vestibular Perturbations

Andrea Hoe
Syracuse University
Lunar Regolith Composites with Carbon Nanotubes for Space Habitation Applications

Victoria Hurd
University of Colorado, Boulder
Algorithmic Venous Gas Emboli Detection and Diagnostics for Wearable Ultrasound

Kateland Hutt
University of Florida
Oscillatory Magnetic Field-Assisted Finishing of Internal Surfaces of Complex Additively Manufactured Metal Parts

Maxwell Joyner
University of Colorado, Boulder
Planning Safe Rendezvous Trajectories for Spacecraft within Multi-body Systems

Samuel Keller
University of Minnesota
Adaptive Radiative Thermal Management with Solid-State Phase-Change Metamaterials

Haley Ketteler
Montana State University
Electrochemical Impedance Sensors for Microbial Monitoring in Spacecraft Wastewater Systems

Philip Klocke
Brigham Young University
Achieving Unprecedented Precision in Origami-based Deployable Space Systems

Jacob Knott
Georgia Institute of Technology
Quantification of Unsteady Phenomena in Hall-Effect Thruster Discharges via Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy

Sungwon La
Stanford University
Optimizing the Material Properties of Granular Mixtures for Application in Mending Structural Cracks

Caitlin Le
Yale University
Resource Ingesting Soft Robotic skins for In Situ Regolith Sampling

Claire Lessler
University of Chicago
Precision Spectroscopic Calibration and Next-Generation Millimeter-Wave Spectrometers

Miron Liu
University of Michigan
Development of a Magnetically Shielded Hall Thruster without Pole Erosion

Ashley Maldonado
Otero University of Southern California
Optimizing Heterogeneous Nanostructured Materials for Space Applications

Camille McDonnell
University of Maryland, College Park
Detection of Extraterrestrial Life using Microfluidic Hyperpolarized Enhanced NV-NMR

Daniel Miliate
University of California, Merced
Dry Film Lubricants for Heaterless Actuators

Andrew Morell
University of Colorado, Boulder
Rapid Modular Simulation Methods for Capture and Post-Capture Spacecraft Dynamics

Daniel Morton
Stanford University
Combining Optimal and Learning-Based Control Methods for the Manipulation of Spaceborne Objects

Abhay Negi
University of Southern California
Autonomous Fault Detection, Recovery, and Avoidance during Robotic In-Space Assembly

Devin Nielsen
Utah State University
Multi-scale Analysis of Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet Laminates for Space Radiator Applications Using NASMAT

Jennifer Nolan
Georgia Institute of Technology
Application of Neural Radiance Fields for Autonomous Spacecraft Navigation and Planetary Characterization

Henry Noyes
Northeastern University
Autonomous Navigation and Multi-Modal Path Planning in Lunar Craters Using a Modular Snake-like Robot

Lorin Nugent
Purdue University
Spacecraft Rendezvous Techniques for Multi-Body Gravitational Environments

Jake Olkin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Long-Duration, Risk-Aware, Goal-Directed Adaptive Sampling for Autonomous Vehicle Exploration

Nathaniel Osikowicz
Penn State University
Tendon-actuated Structural Modules for Enhanced Segmented Aperture Reflectors

Rebecca Palmer
Georgia Institute of Technology
Debris to Infrastructure: Salvage Characterization and Recovered Metals Processing in Lunar Gravity

Austin Patridge
University of Texas at San Antonio
Apollo Regolith Thermally Constrained Landing Pad Bricks (ARTC Bricks)

Cutler Phillippe
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Imaging and Analysis Framework for Parachute Micro-structural Basis

Minyoung Ra
Purdue University
Robust Optimal Control of Spacecraft Translational-Rotational Coupled Motion under Uncertainty

Clayton Ramsey
William Marsh Rice University
Low-Power Real-Time Planning for Robots in Uncertain Environments

Tomaz Remec
University of Colorado, Boulder
Experimental Characterization of Magnetohydrodynamic Effects in Planetary Entry Plasmas

Kate Rhoads
University of Kentucky
Investigation of Spallation in Low Permeability TPS Materials

Anton Samoylov
University of Arizona
Multifunctional Nanofiber Reinforcement of Perovskite Solar Cells for Resilience in Space

Tressa Smalley
University of California, Davis
Technology Development of Lemna japonica (Duckweed) for Human Therapeutic Production in Space

Amanda Smith
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Development of a Novel Process for Refractory Metal Powder Production

Nicholas Stegmeier
University of Texas at San Antonio
Experimental Characterization of Jet Interaction Effects for EDL Vehicle Configurations

Austin Stover
University of Chicago
A Densely Sampled Integral Field Spectrometer to Enable Space-Based Millimeter-Wave Line Intensity Mapping Surveys

Ashley Tirado
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Designing Passive Doped-YSZ Ceramic Coatings For Impact and Wear Resistance Against Lunar Dust

Lydia Ellen Tonani-Penha
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Project Tethys: Extracting Water from the Martian Environment

Margaret Wang
Stanford University
Adaptive World Models for Space Robotics: Implicit Representations Grounded in Semantics and Physics

Ian Wells
Washington State University
Understanding Liquid Hydrogen Critical Heat Flux via Optical Imaging

Ray Westenberg
Georgia Institute of Technology
Engineering Cyanobacteria for Chemical Bioproduction on Mars

Karol Woloszyn
New York University
Functionalization of 3D DNA Nanomaterials and Nanoarchitectures for Space-Based Technology

Amber Young
University of California, Berkeley
Increasing Scientific Access and Technology Reliability Through Multi-modal Surface and Subsurface Legged Mobility

Grace Zoppi
University of Michigan
Development of an Electrodeless Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster



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