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University Student Research Challenge

University Student Research Challenge
NASA / Lillian Gipson

NASA’s University Student Research Challenge (USRC) invites students to propose new research ideas that could help solve some of the biggest technical challenges facing 21st century aviation. The USRC proposal must describe a novel approach to addressing one or more major goals outlined in the Strategic Implementation Plan for NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate. Selected student teams will be eligible to receive a grant from NASA that is worth up to $80,000 depending on the scope of the proposed project and the ability of the team to raise a small portion of that total by conducting a successful crowdfunding effort. This effort is intended to act as a teaching accelerator, requiring students to exercise some entrepreneurial initiative that also will raise public awareness about their research and potentially gain support from interested industry partners.

Teams will have three opportunities to apply for available grant money each year. Complete details for the USRC NASA Research Announcement, which includes what to include in a proposal and how to submit it, can be found here.

More background information on USRC can be found in this feature story.

Visit here for a list of current and previous USRC projects.

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