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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Repository (aka Goddard Knowledge Exchange)
The Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer (OCKO) established and maintains an in-house repository for Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Lessons Learned as required by NPR 7120.6. The purpose of this repository is to foster knowledge sharing among GSFC organizations to avoid repeating past mistakes and to utilize positive experiences that improve a design or process. This repository will be populated with lessons from GSFC projects and other GSFC sources and will be viewable by GSFC personnel.

Link to the Goddard Knowledge Exchange (Internal Goddard Only): https://gke.gsfc.nasa.gov/

Goddard Knowledge Exchange (GKE) Working Group
The Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer will establish a GKE Working Group comprised of the Working Group Chairperson (Chief Knowledge Officer) as well as representatives from each of the Directorates. The Working Group will evaluate each submitted candidate lesson to determine 1) if it warrants inclusion in the local GSFC repository, and 2) whether it should also be included in the NASA Engineering Network (NEN) Lessons Learned Information System. In the latter case, the submitter can then submit it to the NEN Lessons Learned (LLIS) database as described below.

NASA Engineering Network (NEN)
The NEN is a multi-disciplinary set of databases including one for Lessons Learned (LLs) where lessons can be submitted to the LLIS and viewed via various modes including Center wide only. The NEN homepage can be viewed at https://nen.nasa.gov/web/nen/home where all of the NEN resources are displayed. Existing GSFC LLs can be viewed as a subset of the Agency LLIS at http://llis.nasa.gov/llis/search/search.jsp by selecting Goddard Space Flight Center from the list of centers.

The submitter may submit a lesson directly to their respective directorate Lessons Learned POC identified in the Goddard Knowledge Exchange site. The GKE Working Group Chair will coordinate the evaluation of submitted lessons with the Working Group for possible inclusion in the GSFC Lessons Learned repository and/or the NASA Engineering Network’s (NEN) Lessons Learned Information System (LLIS).

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