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NASA Lessons Learned

The NASA Lessons Learned system includes lessons learned from the loss of the Space Shuttle ColumbiaThe NASA Lessons Learned system is a database of lessons learned from contributors across NASA and other organizations. It contains the official, reviewed learned lessons from NASA programs and projects. Its varied contents are sought by thousands of visitors a month who represent a multitude of disciplines including science, engineering, education, manufacturing, and project management.

The system and its content are managed by the NASA Lessons Learned Steering Committee (LLSC), composed of members from all NASA Centers. The Lessons Learned system curator, who serves under the direction of the LLSC Chairperson, has operational responsibilities for the system.

The Lessons Learned system contains a growing database, with lessons added on a fairly regular basis. Approved Lessons ready to be added to the system are first indexed, thus allowing their quick retrieval by either simple or complex search criteria. At the same time, using push technology, stored profiles are used to automatically send notices to users who have pre-registered interests matching the new Lessons.

The NASA Office of the Chief Engineer, in conjunction with the NASA Engineering Network, allows the public access to search the NASA Lessons Learned database. Each Lesson includes a summary of the original driving event and recommendations, which feed into NASA's continual improvement through training, best practices, policies, and procedures.

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