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SERVIR Fact Sheet

SERVIR interactive map of East Africa

SERVIR is a joint venture between NASA and USAID which provides satellite-based Earth observation data and science applications to help developing nations improve their environmental decision making.

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Worldbook at NASA

Image of thunderstorm supercell

NASA Worldbook article discusses weather: what causes it, how to measure and forecast it, and how people affect it.

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More About SERVIR

The SERVIR initiative integrates satellite observations, ground-based data and forecast models to monitor and forecast environmental changes and to improve response to natural disasters. SERVIR enables scientists, educators, project managers and policy implementers to better respond to a range of issues including disaster management, agricultural development, biodiversity conservation and climate change. Principally supported by NASA and the US Agency of International Development, or USAID, a strong emphasis is placed on partnerships to fortify the availability of searchable and viewable earth observations, measurements, animations, and analysis. A SERVIR coordination office and rapid prototyping facility is located at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Regional SERVIR hubs are located at the Water Center for the Humid Tropics of Latin America and the Caribbean, or CATHALAC, in Panama and the Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development, or RCMRD, based in Kenya, and the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development, or ICIMOD, located in Kathmandu, Nepal.


A SERVIR test bed node at the National Space Science and Technology Center in Huntsville, AL. Aiding Central America
NASA researcher Dan Irwin helps pioneer SERVIR development -- and finds out he's running for mayor.
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Accumulated rainfall during Panama floods Floods! Fire! SERVIR
SERVIR aids Panama's goverment in helping to predict landslides.
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For media support regarding SERVIR, please contact: Janet Anderson Marshall Space Flight Center Phone: 256-544-0034
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