NASA SSC Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Customer Service Center

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NASA SSC Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Customer Service Center

Passed in 1966, the Freedom of Information Act provides the public and industry a means of acquiring information about Federal Government activities.

SSC FOIA Public Liaison Officer - Sallie Bilbo
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Electronic Reading Room
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FOIA Guidance:
Laws, Executive Orders, and Other Information
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NASA's FOIA Regulations
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Guide to Filing a Request Form (PDF)
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FOIA Fees and Fee Waivers (PDF)
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FOIA Schedule of Fees (PDF)
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Other Sources of Public Information:
U.S. Superintendent of Documents
National Technical Information Service NTIS)
Earth Resources ObservationSystems (EROS) Data Center
Government InformationLocator Service (GILS)
NASA Scientific and Technical InformationProgram (STI_CASI)
NASA Technical ReportServer (NTRS)
NASA SSC Procurement Homepage
NASA Contractual Information

FOIA Related Sites:
NASA Headquarters
U.S. Department of Justice
NASA's Federal Register Notice

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