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Traveling Exhibits
April 17, 2012


The NASA Glenn Research Center can bring the excitement of aeronautics and space exploration to your institution or event with a traveling exhibit.

NASA Glenn is responsible for NASA outreach programs and events in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. (Requestors outside this area should contact the appropriate center. See state assignments of other centers below.)

NASA exhibits provide unique insights into the past, present and future of air and space travel. For large events such as air shows, members of our Speakers Bureau and other NASA employees may be available to staff the exhibits and interact with guests. All NASA exhibits are provided free of charge, although the requestor is responsible for shipping and insurance coverage.

NASA Glenn's Community and Media Relations Office provides a variety of traveling exhibits, including the following:

To request a NASA exhibit at your event please complete the online request form at least 8 weeks in advance of your event. Contacting us earlier will increase the likelihood that the exhibit you want will be available for your event. More time is required to process requests for Moon rocks.

To begin the request process, click here.

For more information about scheduling a traveling exhibit, please call (216) 433-6291. Please note that if you are not in the NASA Glenn’s service area, your request will automatically be routed to the appropriate center. See state assignments link below.

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A traveling space suit exhibit is shown at a local venue.
A traveling space suit exhibit is shown at a local venue.
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