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NASA Glenn Interactive Exhibit Earns Gold

An exhibit with two touchscreen monitors and colorful video screens that feature animations and read “Combustion Integrated Rack” and “Fluids Integrated Rack” on either side. Text on a sign at the top of the exhibit reads, “Explore Science in Space.” A NASA meatball logo and an image of the International Space Station are also on the sign. Real space station hardware can be seen between the video monitors and on either side of the exhibit.
A new interactive exhibit at the NASA Glenn Visitor Center replicates the Fluids and Combustion Facility on the International Space Station, enabling users to see how microgravity experiments operate.
Credit: NASA/Christopher Hartenstine 

The Ohio Museums Association (OMA) presented NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland with two OMA 2023 Visual Communications Awards during its annual meeting in Sandusky, Ohio, on April 14. NASA Glenn and contractor Impact Inc. received the Gold Award (Level 2) and the Best in Show Award for the updated “Science in Space: Interactive International Space Station Exhibit” at the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, located in Great Lakes Science Center.  

The exhibit replicates the Fluids and Combustion Facility (FCF) on the International Space Station, which houses two research facilities — the Combustion Integrated Rack, or CIR, and the Fluids Integrated Rack, or FIR. Both were developed at NASA Glenn with prime contractor ZIN Technologies and are operated remotely from Glenn’s ISS Payloads Operation Center. The FCF supports physical and biological experiments to advance technology development while bringing many benefits back to Earth.   

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