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Impact Craters

The first page of the Impact Craters activity

Product Type: Lesson Plan/Activity
Audience: Educators
Grade Levels: 4-12
Publication Year: 1997
Product Number: EG-1997-10-116-HQ
Subjects: Earth Science, General Science, Space Science

Impact craters are formed when impactors such as meteorites smash into the moon's surface. The factors affecting the appearance of impact craters include the size and velocity of the impactor and the geology of the surface. Students will use flour, baking soda and cornmeal to recreate a lunar surface. They will then drop impactors such as marbles onto their lunar surface from various heights. Finally, they will measure various characteristics of the impact craters formed.

Impact Craters Activity [189KB PDF file]

This activity is part of the Exploring the Moon Educator Guide.

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