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Wetlands Curriculum Unit

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Disturbed marsh with reeds growing in place of cordgrass



Grade Levels

Grades 9-12


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“Wetlands” is a comprehensive unit plan that introduces students to the ecosystem and economic services that wetlands provide. The unit provides hands-on and laboratory investigations that evaluate human impacts on saltmarsh ecosystems while integrating field work activities using Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE), My NASA Data and many other NASA educational resources, content and platforms.

This curriculum unit of study has five lessons:

  • Why are wetlands essential in their ecosystem and economic services?
  • Observing the saltmarsh at Alley Pond Park
  • Human impact on the wetlands: A literature review
  • Why reserve wetlands?
  • Coring at Alley Pond Saltmarsh

Pre- and post-unit assessments are included.

Wetlands Curriculum Unit (PDF)

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