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Orville’s Flight Log

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Orville's Flight Log image showing Orville at an airport with his arms spread open wide.



Grade Levels

Grades K-4, Grades 5-8, Informal Education


Physical Science, Flight and Aeronautics


Lesson Plans / Activities

Orville’s Flight Log

Flight logs are used by pilots or pilots in training to keep track of any flights they take. In this activity, students can take a printed picture of Orville with them when going on a trip. If they are not traveling, they can send Orville to friends or family members. 

All of Orville’s travels are then logged on his flight log. As time goes by, your class will be able to see all the adventures that Orville, as well as their classmates, have. While flight logs are used to track airplane flights, this activity can include any type of travel.

Orville’s Flight Log