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NASA Aerotech Mini Posters

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Illustration of a twin-engine commercial airliner sitting on the ground surrounded by text highlighting use of NASA-developed aeronautics technology.


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NASA Aerotech Mini Posters

NASA Aeronautics Research Onboard Mini-Posters

NASA Aerotech Mini Posters PDFs listed below identifies technology and knowledge made possible by NASA aeronautics researchers during NASA’s history. Each mini poster is available in multiple languages. Nearly every commercial aircraft flying today includes NASA-supported innovations, from winglets to composite structures, that make flight more safe and efficient. Each two-sided lithograph contains brief descriptions of the NASA-supported technologies highlighted on each air vehicle.

See how NASA is with you when you fly. And learn about new airplanes in which your space agency is making flight safer and more efficient.

Commercial Jet Liners

Commercial Jet Liners in English

Commercial Jet Liners in Chinese

Commercial Jet Liners in French

Commercial Jet Liners in German

Commercial Jet Liners in Spanish

General Aviation

General Aviation in English

General Aviation in French

General Aviation in Spanish

Military Aircraft

Military Aircraft in English

Military Aircraft in French

Military Aircraft in Spanish

Civil Rotorcraft

Civil Rotorcraft in English

Civil Rotorcraft in French

Civil Rotorcraft Spanish

Tilt Rotor

Tilt Rotor in English

Tilt Rotor in French

Tilt Rotor in Spanish

Parts of an Airplane

Parts of an Airplane in English and Spanish

Parts of an Airplane in English and German

Parts of an Airplane in English and French