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Delta Wing Glider

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Towed Glider Air-Launch Concept



Grade Levels

Grades K-4


History, Physical Science, Flight, Flight and Aeronautics


Lesson Plans / Activities

Airplanes with conventional wings use ailerons to control roll (left and right motion), a rudder to control yaw (left or right movement of the nose), and elevators to control pitch (up and down movement of the nose). Airplanes with delta- or triangular-shaped wings have a rudder, but only one control surface, an elevon to control pitch and roll. An elevon serves the same function as an elevator and an aileron. This activity challenges students to control the flight path of a delta wing glider and to explore the effects of changing the positions of the elevons on a model glider. Students use science process skills to construct and fly a glider made from a foam food tray.
Delta Wing Glider [242KB PDF file]
This activity is part of the Aeronautics Educator Guide.