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Activity Three: Model a Spacecraft Docking System

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This computer rendering depicts an astronaut from the International Space Station performing a spacewalk to install the International Docking Adapter



Grade Levels

Grades 5-8


Engineering Design, History, Human Space Exploration, Mathematics, Physical Science, Technology, Measurement and Data Analysis, Forces and Motion, Models, Space Station, Space Vehicles


Lesson Plans / Activities

Students will work together as a team to construct and test a model of a target docking system and crew module.

Students will

  • Make metric length measurements with 0.1-cm accuracy.
  • Use given ratios to calculate dimensions of a scale model.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of traveling through and rotating about the three axes of movement.
  • Demonstrate teamwork and communication skills to perform a task.

Next Generation Science Standards: MS-PS2-2, MS-PS2-2A

Common Core State Standards: 6.RP.A.1, 6.NS.B.3, 7.NS.A.3, 7.G.A.1

Activity Three: Model a Spacecraft Docking System

This lesson plan is part of the “Crew Transportation with Orion Educator Guide.”