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Activity One: Choose Your Landing Site

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Map of lunar south polar region with five potential landing sites marked



Grade Levels

Grades 5-8


Earth Science, Life Science, Space Science, Technology, Geology, Life Support, Living and Working in Space, Planetary Geology, Remote Sensing


Lesson Plans / Activities

Students will learn about the history and geology of the Moon and its similarities to Earth. They will use the scientific research process to choose an appropriate human landing site, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each site.

Students will:

  • Construct an evidence-based argument about which site is most suitable based on NASA data.
  • Convert temperatures from kelvin to Fahrenheit.
  • Perform calculations such as surface area and volume in support of their argument.

Next Generation Science Standards: MS-LS2-1

Common Core State Standards:.7.G.B.6,.8.G.C.9, 6.G.A.4

Activity One: Choose Your Landing Site

This lesson plan is part of the “Landing Humans on the Moon Educator Guide.”