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Earth Science Technology Office

From space-borne instruments and components to data systems and modeling, the NASA Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO) funds and develops a broad range of technologies for the scientific observation and measurement of Earth. ESTO technologies are also used for NASA operational requirements as well as practical applications that benefit society at large.

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The ESTO demonstrates and provides technologies that can be reliably and confidently applied to a broad range of science measurements and missions as well as facilitates practical applications that benefit society at large. As the lead technology office within the Earth Science Division of the NASA Science Mission Directorate, ESTO is focused on the technological challenges inherent in space-based investigations of our planet’s dynamic, interrelated systems.

Through flexible, science-driven technology strategies and a competitive selection process, ESTO-funded technologies have supported numerous Earth and space science missions as well as commercial applications. Currently, ESTO holds a broad portfolio of well over 800 past and active investments at over 100 institutions nationwide. From next generation sensors and instruments to communication systems and computer modeling, ESTO technologies will enable the future of many NASA missions.