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Navigating SmallSat Development: Where to Begin and What to Expect

Speaker: Dr. Charles D. Norton, NASA Headquarters / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CalTech

Wednesday, August 26, 2020
10:00AM-11:00AM Pacific Daylight Time

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Abstract: This is a summarized version of a tutorial given at the 2019 NASA SmallSat Technical Interchange Meeting providing an experienced-based overview, suggestions, and guidance for SmallSat development focused on new investigators. Topics addressed include the basics of SmallSats, Mission Formulation, Realities of Flight Development, Access to Space, Mission Operations, and Remarks on the Future Directions of SmallSat Science and Technology Missions.

Biosketch: Dr. Charles D. Norton is currently the Associate Chief Technologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory having recently served as the Special Advisor for Small Spacecraft Missions at NASA HQ. While at NASA HQ he was responsible for advising on the cross-agency strategic direction for innovative small satellite science, exploration, and technology missions from ESPA-Class spacecraft down to CubeSats. In addition to being well published, and a regular keynote speaker both within the U.S. and internationally, he co-led a 2012 Caltech Keck Institute for Space Sciences Study Program on “Small Satellites: A Revolution in Space Science”, and co-authored two 2 National Academies of Science reports on “Achieving Science with CubeSats: Thinking Inside the Box” and “Powering Science: NASA’s Large Strategic Science Missions”. Charles is a recipient of numerous awards for new technology and innovation, including the JPL Lew Allen Award, Voyager Award, and the NASA Exceptional Service Medal.

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