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Scott M. Smith, Ph.D.

Scott M. Smith, Ph.D.
Nutritionist, Manager for Nutritional Biochemistry
Human Health and Performance Directorate
NASA Johnson Space Center

Scott M. Smith leads the Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory at NASA Johnson Space Center. This group is charged with keeping crews healthy with respect to nutrition, including using nutrition to optimize astronaut health and safety. This work includes ground-based and spaceflight research to understand how nutrition can mitigate the risks of spaceflight.

Smith has ongoing research projects on the International Space Station. His past projects have been flown on the space station, space shuttle, and the Russian space station Mir. Smith has also led several ground-based research projects to better understand astronaut health in space, including studies of vitamin D in crews in Antarctica, studies of crews living on the bottom of the ocean, and studies of test subjects spending weeks to months in bed.

While Smith’s research centers on the role of nutrition in astronaut health, specific efforts have evaluated how diet influences bone loss in astronauts and the role vitamins play in regulating changes to some astronauts’ eyes in space. His team identified that these ocular changes were genetically predisposed.

Smith is a member of the American Society for Nutrition, the American Physiological Society, and the International Academy of Astronautics. He holds a B.S. in Biology and a Ph.D. in Nutrition, both from the Pennsylvania State University.