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Marshall’s Space Launch System

Marshall Space Flight Center manages the Space Launch System, an integrated super heavy lift launch vehicle enabling a new era of science and human exploration beyond Earth orbit.

Updated Jul 13, 2023
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Advanced Manufacturing

Advancing 3D printing processes for complex liquid propulsion systems to reduce cost and increase performance.

Development of friction stir welding processes to manufacture large light-weight metallic spacecraft structures.

Development and manufacturing of composite payload adapters for SLS payloads.

Vehicle Design and Analysis

MSFC offers a full suite of vehicle design and analysis capabilities ranging from spacecraft structural design, structural dynamics, aerodynamics, thermal analysis and control, terrestrial and space environments analysis, and guidance, navigation & control analysis.

Systems Engineering and Integration

MSFC provides SLS with Systems Engineering and Integration expertise that supports risk management, technical performance management, certification of flight/mission readiness, and operations/supportability/sustaining engineering.

Provides vehicle-level requirements and verification support along with system interface definition and integration.

Provides systems analysis capabilities include mass properties, human factors, physical mockups, and virtual environments.

Structural Strength and Dynamics Testing

Multiple facilities provide proof, limit, failure, development, qualification, and flight acceptance testing.

Decades of experience developing instrumentation for structural and propulsion-related test articles to maximize data return using high-speed data acquisition, visible and thermal imaging, and high-definition audiovisual capture systems.

Flight Software Development and Hardware in the Loop Testing

State-of-the-art facilities for flight software development, testing, and formal verification.

Real-time hardware in-the-loop capabilities enable launch vehicle integrated software and avionics hardware systems to be modeled, simulated, and tested early, before finalizing designs.

Space Flight Imaging Systems and Sensors

Flight Imaging Launch Monitoring Real-time System (FILMRS) camera and controller provides comprehensive views of Artemis launch vehicle from liftoff to the upper atmosphere.

Concept and Trade Study to support future SLS evolvability and missions  

Rapid development and analysis of physics-based models to yield an end-to-end design capability for preliminary concepts. 

Secondary Payloads

Integration of secondary payloads

Mission operations support

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