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NASA Fair Act Inventory

The Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Inventory is required by the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998 (P.L. 105-270) and OMB Circular A-76 – Competitive Sourcing. The inventory is a tool for assisting an agency in gathering an accurate breakdown of its employees by function or activity looking at which functions are Inherently Governmental and which are not.

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Service Contract Inventory

Section 743 of division C of the FY2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act (Public Law 111-117) requires civilian agencies to prepare an annual inventory of their service contracts. The service contract inventory is a tool for assisting an agency in better understanding how contracted services are being used to support mission and operations and whether the contractors’ skills are being utilized in an appropriate manner. In addition to the inventory a summary of the inventory was prepared. This summary highlights information on “special interest functions” and the top ten services that accounts for the agency’s greatest percentage of spending in each fiscal year beginning with FY2010.

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