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Small Steps, Giant Leaps

NASA’s technical workforce put boots on the Moon, tire tracks on Mars, and the first reusable spacecraft in orbit around the Earth. Learn what’s next as they build missions that redefine the future with amazing discoveries and remarkable innovations.

Small Steps, Giant Leaps podcast cover art
Episode 3Feb 6, 2019

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 3, Unleashing Innovation

David Miranda, innovation point of contact for the Exploration Ground Systems Program’s Operations Division, offers tips for unleashing innovation.

Episode 2Dec 19, 2018

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 2, Decision Velocity

An Exploration Ground Systems Program division chief, Jeremy Parsons, discusses practical ways to make quality decisions faster.

Episode 1Dec 10, 2018

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 1, Orion Spacecraft

Orion Program Manager Mark Kirasich discusses the challenges and opportunities of managing America’s next-generation spacecraft.

Dec 4, 2018

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 0, Preview

APPEL Knowledge Services presents a preview of the new Small Steps, Giant Leaps podcast.