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Introducing NASA’s Curious Universe

Season 1Mar 31, 2020

Our universe is a wild and wonderful place. Join NASA astronauts, scientists and engineers on a new adventure each week — all you need is your curiosity. First-time space explorers welcome.

NASA's Curious Universe illustration

“This is really what you get into science for. It’s for moments like this. You’re ready, your team is ready. And these things happen at random moments. So you have to be ready when opportunity knocks.”

“Everything we see has been surprising. Just the sheer amount of structure in the solar wind, the fact that when we first saw the magnetic field data, that the first worry was oh no, is the instrument malfunctioning.”

“Hello Houston, we are inspired. We are ready. Let’s go fix this thing.
Sounds like a good plan, Endeavour. Good morning.”

“It’s changed everything we know about the universe, the planets, the solar system, the way stars live, die, the most distant galaxies. This is one of the grand adventures of NASA.”

“Sometimes the blanket person, we might be the last ones to touch the spacecraft before it launches.”

“It’s a real sense of awe, I think, that we find in the natural world and there are many different places you can find it.”

“Being out there on your own in a spacesuit, looking back at the planet, you’re really in this self-contained life support system. Really your own little spaceship.”

Welcome to NASA’s Curious Universe. Our universe is a wild and wonderful place. And in this podcast, NASA is your tour guide. Subscribe right now and get ready for a grand adventure.