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Ron Woods – NESC Academy Biography

Ron Woods

Ron Woods’ career at NASA began at JSC, Crew Systems Division, as a survival technician and suit subject for the Apollo suits. Woods then supported the training and pre-flight suiting activities for Apollo, Skylab, and ASTP at KSC. During this time, he was assigned to the teams that supported the crews of Apollo 8, 11, 15, all three Skylabs, and ASTP. Post-ASTP, Woods returned to JSC to support shuttle flight crew equipment. This included the launch entry suit (ejection seat equipment) and crew-worn equipment. Woods supported the first two shuttle missions as a suit technician at KSC and three additional missions at primary and back-up landing sites, White Sands, and Dryden Flight Research Center. From 1982 to 2011, Woods worked at KSC as the JSC flight crew equipment representative for each shuttle mission and the early ISS missions. Woods’ primary career and his already developing artistic skills merged into a portfolio of spacesuit paintings. As of 2012, Woods was back at JSC working launch and entry suits and crew protection systems for future human space exploration.